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Trump Prediction
There are quite a few people saying that the US is going to become a fascist, white-supremacist state now that Trump has won. While I do think his presence will embolden some bigots (in just the same way as the Brexit vote did here in the UK), I don’t think things will go quite that far.
The border wall he said was going to be built is unlikely to materialise. There’s already chatter from the Trump camp of it being a “virtual wall” rather than a physical one (something to stop or hinder cash-flow, not people) so the promise can be “fulfilled” and hopefully avoid cries of “bullsh*t!”
My main concern is what Trump is going to do in regards to Russia. If I had to put money on it, I’d say he’s going to take the route of appeasement. He’ll see it as the easiest option, and will pretend (or delude himself into thinking that) he has calmed the situation, but will have actually made it worse. It will mean that Russia gets away w
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Hey, what's up, world? My bitchy computer's Internet decided to abruptedly stop working which explains why I haven't uploaded anything in a fuck-ton of time, unless I actually start the whole thing over and I'm currently using my phone to upload this journal. But don't worry, you will see some more Fallout, you just wait!
  • Reading: Nothing (Who reads books nowadays anyway?)
  • Playing: Video games (Fallout and Fable)
  • Eating: Homemade Fried Chicken
  • Drinking: Snapple Iced Tea


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Chloe "Milagro" Dawkins
United States
*Looks up from book* Oh, hello there! How did you get into my hoiuse again? Ah... don't really matter. Anyway, name's Chloe. I love video games, shooters in general and writing/reading on this site. I was screwing around for about a year on this site and I usually write lots of stories in a script format. You guys have heard the phrase "I do my own stunts!", right? I use my Microsoft word and I spell check my documents myself. Screw that stupid computerized spell-checker!

I usually do stories that are based off of video games. Right now, I'm working on Fallout New Vegas. I enjoy a good romance story (Not Twilight, sorry folks!) or a good hurt/comfort story, mainly with the Fallout series, but others as well.

Favorite Comedy Quote:

Sanity Not Included - I AM MELEEING IT'S LEGS!

"Aw, Jim, what the HELL are you doing?!"

"I am meleeing it's legs!"

"You're just going to piss it off! Get out of the way, it's gonna--"

*The giant, four-legged beast falls down in front of Jim, a cocky and triumphant smile tugging at his lips.*


Sanity Not Included - Trying To Compensate for Something?!


*A person is standing on top of another person's car, which is particularly small.*


*The person whose car is parked looks up in confusion and anger, a comical expression on his face.*


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